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nexserv (AS200482) provides server hosting, as well as IP-Transit in different data centres you can find at our PeeringDB entry.

Peering Policy

In General, we are open to peer with anyone!


To be eligible to peer with us, you need:

  • a registered public autonomous system (AS) number,
  • an up-to-date PeeringDB entry (Prefix limits, AS-SETS as well as IXP data),
  • well maintained IRR records and
  • valid RPKI ROAs (if possible)

Traffic Requirements

If we are present on an Internet Exchange, we usually peer at the route servers. Peers with high traffic volume or which do not advertise their prefixes at the RS can set up a direct session to us. A PNI is preferred when traffic volume exceeds >1Gbit/s in any direction.

Routing Policy

We aim to keep our network as clean as possible. Thus, we filter:

  • Static and/or default routes on BGP Peering sessions
  • Bogon routes and ASNs (including private ASNs in AS_PATH)
  • Prefixes smaller than /48 and bigger than /17 (for IPv4 we filter smaller than /24 and bigger than /9)
  • RPKI invalid
  • Routes without a valid IRR record

For peers which use AltDB as IRR: We don't trust AltDB however, if you have a prefix from (excl. and don't have access to RADB, please let us know.


Type Content
ASN 200482
Max. IPv4 250
Max. IPv6 50